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Visiting SUU

We have had a good time visiting SUU this year, we got to talk to Professer Rob Robertson, he is the head of the CIS department now! It was a lot of fun talking to Rob, I got to catch up on the department, and i found out that ´╗┐´╗┐Chris McGahan took 3rd in the nation for a programming contest.

Rob even let me give him an Iptables primer and talk to him about Linux!

Rob also asked me if I would be willing to present at the technology camp the University is putting together the first of next year, I am very excited.


Great Grandpa Amos

Every few years we like to visit our friends down in Cedar City, and when we do we go up to Parowan and visit Great Grandpa Amos. Here are our girls at Amos’ grave.

And here is a shot from Vista point by Cedar Breaks, apparently Amos would tell my dad that you could see Panama from up here, this is an assumption made based on a flat earth!

We also looked for Amos’ cabin, but we failed to find it, maybe next year!